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company culture

1.Adhere to honesty: uphold integrity is the core features of the OUYA culture.

2.Executive power: strong execution is a prominent feature of OUYA culture. First, do as promised .Second, penalties and rewards.

3.Dare to innovation: innovation is the primary characteristic of the OUYA culture, is daring to dare to try, bold vision and courage.

4.Do best: OUYA lofty vision, high standards of work, the pursuit of "Let's all work become a boutique."

5.Caring for employees: OUYA staff as core capital, the employee get benefit first from the development. make employees grow more ability rising wages ,rising happiness index.

6.Promoting Traditional: many well-known experts talk about civilization etiquette to the enterprise, improve employees' comprehensive quality.

Shenzhen OUYA Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the tip of advanced technology, technological innovation, improve product technology content, optimize product performance.

In one aspect, the company through school-enterprise cooperation, strengthen the domestic and foreign advanced technology research. The company has established partnerships with universities to strengthen the complementary resources, enhance the company's product innovation capabilities.

Except together with major universities, research centers, industry institutions to develop, the company adhere to independent research and development, establishment of a professional R & D team, set up a special development fund, through independent research and development, to ensure the advanced science and technology into productivity.

Company R & D center is the core component of the company's technology development system,also is the body of the company independent innovation and the foundation of the development. All kinds of high-end professional and technical personnel to join us and a number of patent certification, makes our company become the industry.

Adhere to the aim of "independent innovation", the company annual r&d spending accounts for more than 40% of net income, improve and optimization each detail of product research and development, design, production of , ensure accurate, reliable and perfect. Company within the enterprise scientific research, technical services, marketing, production integration, strengthen enterprise technology development and innovation ability, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of companies at home and abroad.

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